Casting For A Cause

    Another fun part of this event will be casting for a cause. We will of course be having a casting demo at the show but we will also be stepping that up a bit. Once demo is over we will be offering hands on pouring groups throughout the show. 

    The plan is to pour 5.25"sq pen blocks. You will have a chance to get hands on measuring, mixing, adding your choice of mica/dye, pouring into the mold and designing the swirls or lines. Once the blocks come out of the pressure pots the blanks will be cut, prepped, sanded and sprayed. 

   Now is the CASTING FOR A CAUSE part. The Caster of the block may keep 1 blank from his/her block and the remainder of the blanks will be donated to the PTSD Turning Groups.

   Lets all get together and make CASTING FOR A CAUSE huge in its first year.